Strategic Planning

Translate company strategy into team goals

with Sara Lobkovich

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3-hour workshop

Sara Lobkovich

Welcome to Strategic Planning

Have you ever made a plan in Q1 that was forgotten or irrelevant by Q2? We’re here to teach you a better way. In this workshop, you’ll learn a focused, efficient approach to strategic planning that helps you lead with increased confidence and clarity.

Module 2

Close the disparate gaps in team planning by answering key strategic questions and implementing results-focused OKRs.

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Module 3

Learn to define your purpose and aspiration for the future to serve as a guide for decision-making and strategic planning.

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Module 4

Learn to define the most important health measures in your business to ensure alignment and understand what success looks like.

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Module 5

Learn to clearly communicate what matters most, create space for innovation, and break bad habits.

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Module 6

Learn to define your most important objective measures of progress to gain clarity around what success means.

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