The Storytelling for Influence Sprint

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with Will Storr

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Wil Storr

Welcome to the Storytelling for Influence Sprint

You have a great idea, but no one seems to grasp it when you explain it. Enter the science of storytelling. In this sprint, bestselling author Will Storr teaches you proven techniques to captivate listeners, influence your audience, and sell your ideas.

Module 1

This module focuses on the basics you’ll need to get started with crafting your narrative. First, Will introduces the three types of stories your final project can focus on, as well as the story map, the main tool you’ll use to draft your story. Next, we’ll discuss the science behind the storytelling brain to understand why communicating in story is so effective. Finally, we’ll meet the three character archetypes that make up the core of every story.


Lesson 2: The storytelling brain

Learn how brain activity changes when we listen to stories rather than facts.


Lesson 2: The 4S framework

With the science behind storytelling in mind, we’ll explore the 4S framework, a way for you to align your story with the storytelling brain.


Lesson 2 case study: TED

With the mission to “Spread Ideas”; TED has catalyzed careers and grown into a global storytelling force, spreading to over 187 countries and over 3,500 cities. It’s no coincidence that so many compelling TED talks align with the 4S framework.


Lesson 3: The hero, the shadow, and the light

Whether you’re trying to sell an idea, sell a product or service, or talk about yourself, your story will have three character archetypes. Get to know these characters so that you can better understand your role as storyteller.


Lesson 3 case study: Roz Brewer

From Starbucks to Walmart to Walgreens, Roz Brewer has had a remarkable career. She’s also an example of a light figure who defines success by helping others succeed.

Module 2

Great storytellers are masters of empathy. Determine your story’s hero and identify what motivates them to craft a story that truly resonates with your audience.

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Module 3

You know why humans are wired for story. You’ve identified your characters. You deeply understand your hero and their motivations. Now, structure your story to synthesize these ideas and create a cohesive narrative arc.

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Module 4

Crisis storytelling is a critical leadership skill. This type of story also deserves extra attention because the rules are a bit different. Learn how to use storytelling to effectively respond during challenging times.

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What to look forward to

Professor and TA interaction. Our world-class professors and teaching staff are here to help you make the most of the experience.

Lifetime network. Connect with professionals from 60+ countries and across industries to gain fresh perspective from like-minded leaders.

High-impact project. Apply the frameworks and strategies from the sprint to a real problem at work.

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