The Public Speaking Sprint

Command the room when you present

with Marcus Collins

March 11-19, 2024

1-week sprint

Marcus Collins

Welcome to the Public Speaking Sprint

There’s a reason so many people are afraid of public speaking. It can be terrifying to get up in front of a room of people you want to impress. Marcus Collins, University of Michigan Ross professor (and world’s most charismatic presenter) says we don’t have a public speaking problem–we have a confidence problem. He’ll teach you practical tactics to become a more confident speaker and develop your unique, authentic voice.

Module 2

Now that you know how to nail your delivery, it’s time to add your style. Enter bricolage – the art of creating something new by combining different items. As a speaker, you need to create your own bricolage, borrowing existing presentation aesthetics, storytelling techniques, and kinetic embellishments. This helps create your own unique style.

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Module 3

We’ve talked about style and voice. Now, let’s discuss our third pillar, breaking – aka body movement. As speakers, we also need to be strategic about how we move our body. This includes emphasizing a particular word or phrase, using our body to emphasize an idea, or to provide punctuation. The most important aspect of using your body as a speaker is being intentional.

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Module 4

We’ve reached the last of the four pillars in hip hop – DJing. As a public speaker, this is all about connecting with your audience. When you establish a common language, tell short stories, and apply the Platinum Rule, you can genuinely connect with those in the room (or on screen), making your audience more open to your ideas. The key with connection lies in giving the audience what they want to hear – not what you want to say.

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Module 5

Now that we’ve covered the four pillars to become a confident, compelling public speaker, there’s only one thing left to do – apply your learnings through lots of practice. While it may not be the most comfortable process, you need to take opportunities to practice public speaking to improve your craft. You can establish a totem and find a fan to calm your nerves, making it easier for you to practice being a compelling speaker until you become one.

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Sample 1-week Sprint Calendar

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Thurs - Pre Sprint

Meet your TA and cohort

Fri - Pre Sprint

Watch a welcome video from your professor

Mon - Sprint week

Watch your day 1 lesson content

Tues - Sprint week

Watch your day 2 lesson content

Weds - Sprint week

Thurs - Sprint week

Attend a project workshop hosted by your TA

Fri - Sprint week

Mon - Post Sprint

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