Inclusive Leadership

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With Mita Mallick

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Mita Mallick

Welcome to Inclusive Leadership

Research shows that how you act as a leader makes a 70% difference on whether an individual on your team feels included or excluded. And the more people feel included, the more they participate, speak up, bond with their colleagues, and drive impact for the business. We’ll teach you how to build practices that foster inclusivity on your team.

Module 2

Learn how to use meetings and other corporate gatherings as a tool to drive inclusion.

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Module 3

Learn how to ensure that every voice is not just heard, but recognized for their ideas.

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Module 4

There’s a difference between being a mentor and being a sponsor. Learn how to foster your colleagues’ career growth.

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Module 5

Now that you’ve completed these lessons, Mita shares how being an inclusive leader is a continuous journey — and how you can inspire others to create change.

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