Generative AI Business Strategy

Master AI before your competition does

with Greg Shove

August 15, 12-1:30 p.m. ET

1.5-hour workshop

Greg Shove

Welcome to Generative AI Business Strategy

A leaked Amazon document describes over 65 ways they intend to use generative AI to become more efficient.

In other words, businesses are jumping on AI – and you need to too, if your business is going to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

Cut through the LinkedIn spam and Medium fear-mongering about generative AI, and learn a simple, effective framework to apply AI to your business. We’ll help you build a strong understanding of today’s AI landscape, teach you where generative AI can help your business (and where it can’t), and help you create a recommendation to present to your CEO the next day. recession and come out ahead.

Module 2

The state of your business can determine how to best use AI. Learn how to tell if you should be optimizing, accelerating, or transforming what you offer.

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Module 3

Learn how to match your opportunities to potential projects that could complement your internal workflow, improve your product metrics, or solidify your competitive advantages.

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Module 4

After you zero in on a list of projects, learn how to use the framework to pinpoint those that can provide the greatest ROI within the shortest amount of time.

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Module 5

Learn how to craft a memo that will get the support of your team, and bring your project from prototype to production.

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