Financial Fluency

Think like a CFO

with Rosalia Gitau

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Rosalia Gitau

Welcome to Financial Fluency

When the CFO asks you for a budget update, do you want to sink into the ground? Never fear: we’ll teach you to master the basics of finance, so you can “talk the talk” with finance colleagues and align your team’s strategy with your business’ financials.

Module 2

Learn how to read an Income Statement (aka a Profit and Loss Statement) to determine the profitability of your business, and how you perform against the competition.

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Module 3

Learn how a Balance Sheet can help you quickly assess the financial health of your business.

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Module 4

Learn how a Cash Flow statement can help you set a budget, plan ahead, and make strategic decisions.

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Module 5

Now that you have the tools to understand your financial statements, Rosalia shares her advice on how you can use them to tell a compelling narrative.

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