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Sarah Evangeline Norman

Welcome to Data Storytelling

When you’re presenting data, don’t bore your audience with a dull spreadsheet or a PowerPoint full of platitudes. TikTok data leader Sarah Evangeline Norman will teach you how to use data to create a compelling story with visualizations that bring your analysis to life.

Module 2

The Know-Go-Grow framework is a three-step process to craft a persuasive, data-driven story. Learn the mechanics and power behind this framework.

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Module 3

“Know” is the first step of the framework. It’s all about communicating the magnitude of the problem or opportunity. Learn to give your audience context in your data story.

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Module 4

“Go” is the second step of the framework. This is where you make your ask. Think allocating budget or greenlighting a project. Learn to recommend action in your data story.

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Module 5

“Grow” is the third step of the framework. You bring your story home with the impact. Learn to explain what your audience stands to gain.

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Module 6

You have your story. Now, how do you communicate it to your audience? Learn to bring your data-driven story to life with the right visuals and charts.

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Module 7

A little style goes a long way. Learn tips and tricks to make your visuals clear and compelling.

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