Analyzing Data for Insights

Turn your spreadsheets into strategies

with Sarah Evangeline Norman

May 12, 2023, 12 p.m. ET

2.5-hour workshop

Sarah Evangeline Norman

Welcome to Analyzing Data for Insights

We all know data is important. But it can still feel overwhelming to dive into a spreadsheet, especially if you don’t use data in your day-to-day. In this workshop, TikTok data leader Sarah Evangeline Norman will teach you to look at a mountain of data and conduct a quick and scrappy analysis, so you can make smarter recommendations for your business.

Module 2

Learn step 1 of the framework to understand how to craft a data-driven question to kick-off your analysis.

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Module 3

Learn step 2 of the framework to understand the clean data checklist.

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Module 4

Build an analysis. Learn step 3 of the framework to understand two of the most powerful data analysis techniques: pivot tables and correlations.

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Module 5

Extract insights. Learn step 4 of the framework to understand how to extract non-obvious, actionable, and measurable insights from your data analysis.

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Module 6

Communicate findings. Learn step 5 of the framework to understand how to communicate the findings from your data analysis in a clear and compelling way.

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Module 7

Watch the final video, and then complete the project.

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